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Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for and need more support, just contact us!

Questions for Connected Customers

Our Support Team is available 24/7. If you experience any issues or have questions about your service, please email support@fusionfibregroup.co.uk or call (0333 305 7560). If you contact the team during business hours (see below), we will endeavour to resolve your issue within two hours. You will receive a confirmation email once someone in the team has picked up your request.

If you’re experiencing issues outside of business hours, a member of staff will take down your information and forward it to the team who will action it on the next business day.

Our office-based Support, Sales and Accounts Teams are all open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm on Mondays to Thursdays, and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Fridays. 

Although we pride ourselves on offering an ultra-reliable service, by the very nature of broadband, your internet speeds will vary from time to time. If you notice a dramatic change in speed, you can find a few helpful tips on to improve your speed here.

If you don’t see any improvement please get in touch with our support team via support@fusionfibregroup.co.uk  – they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Try turning it off and on again. We know it’s the classic go-to IT fix, but it really can do the job! It gives the connection a chance to breathe and ensures all cables are properly connected.

If you’re still having difficulty, unplug the router for at least 5 minutes and try turning it on again. If that doesn’t help or you have any further questions, call our Support Team up on 0333 305 7560. Be sure to stand near the router if you can, the colour of the lights will help our team find the cause of the issue!

First, complete the ‘network optimisation’ which can be found on the TP Link DECO app. This helps your connection find the best possible signal and should improve the WiFi in your home. Secondly, try enabling ‘faster roaming’ which can be found in the advanced settings section in your app. This will give your WiFi the extra boost it needs!

WiFi reach and speed is often determined by the size of your home and its construction. If you live in a larger home, you may experience ‘WiFi dead spots.’ Not to worry! This can be easily resolved by getting additional TP Link DECO units to extend the reach of WiFi throughout your home (mesh network).

These additional devices connect via the existing WiFi network from your router to extend the network and create what we call a mesh network.

A mesh network is built to eliminate dead zones in the home and provide uninterpreted WiFi throughout your property. Instead of a router broadcasting from a single point, this modern technology allows WiFi to have multiple access points.

You can buy the additional TP Link DECO M4 units by emailing our support team at support@fusionfibregroup.co.uk. Please note these units can be purchased at other retailers.

Although we strive to provide a seamless service, and full fibre broadband is a lot more reliable than standard ADSL broadband, occasional outages are unavoidable.

If you’re broadband is not working as usual, please contact our support team to log a fault. You can do this online, by emailing support@fusionfibregroup.co.uk or by calling 0333 305 7560.

Once receiving this notification, our support team will work diligently to get your network back up and running.

We’re more than happy to increase your broadband allowance during your contract term. Please note that this will come at an additional cost (depending on the package you choose). To arrange the upgrade, or if you have any questions about the how upgrading your package might benefit your household – please get in touch with our team on 0333 305 7560 or email sales@fusionfibregroup.co.uk.

You will have received your most recent bill by email. If you’d like us to resend it, please contact our Accounts Team on 0333 305 7560 or (accounts@fusionfibregroup.co.uk). 

To change the date of your direct debit, or for any questions regarding updating your billing information please contact our Accounts Team on 0333 305 7560 or (accounts@fusionfibregroup.co.uk). 

Our terms and conditions, as well as all our other policies, can be found here.

For anyone using a VPN, external devices or websites that have to remember your IP address, a dedicated IP address might be for you.

For just an additional £5 per month, you can add your own IP address to your broadband package. Find out more by contacting sales@fusionfibregroup.co.uk.

Network Builds

If you’ve seen our team around, you’re in luck! This means we’re upgrading your communities’ current copper telephone lines to full fibre cables and soon you’ll have access full fibre broadband.

We’re working with local councils to future-proof your homes and business across the UK ahead the 2025 PTSN switch-off.

To be among the first connected, please register your interest here.

You may come across our build partners, including RuralFibre4U, completing works over the next couple of months. We’re sorry for any disruption this may cause.

Please rest assured our team is doing everything in their power to get you live as soon as possible! We aim to keep everyone updated and answer questions as they come in with our build bulletin here. Otherwise, we will get in touch once we’re ready to install you!

If you’ve signed a contract, but the network is not live in your area just yet, we will call to book your installation appointment once the network for your home is live. 

Fusion Fibre Group is in possession of the necessary code powers needed to plan and install electronic communications apparatus. We always comply with our statutory duties by notifying the local authorities and we work within industry regulations.

Before we commence, our build plans are approved by the local council. In fact, they grant us permits for each piece of work along the way.  

The local council also investigates our works for defects once complete. If they find the reinstatement is not up to their standard, we will be back to do remedial works.

We have permission to utilise Openreach’s pre-existing infrastructure (telegraph poles and underground ducting) in our designs. So, we thoroughly survey the site before finalising our plans to incorporate this existing infrastructure as much as possible. Although this is our preferred network delivery method, it is not always a viable solution. This may be because:

  • Existing cables are directly buried (installed without PVC protective ducts).
  • Existing ducts are blocked.
  • Existing chambers and ducts are at full capacity.
  • Existing ducts are in an irreparable condition.

Once we have a full understanding of the site’s condition, we plan around these issues to design the best solution which considers cost, time, and community disruption. This means our build plans incorporate:

  • Repairing existing infrastructure (where possible), and
  • Installing new infrastructure (where needed)

When we are unable to utilise a communities pre-existing infrastructure for the above-mentioned reasons, we install new infrastructure. There will be new ducting for the feeder route, a part of the network which is always underground. This route then gets divided up via distribution routes into the rest of the community which is often done so using telegraph poles. To learn more about a feeder route and distribution routes, visit this website.

There are many reasons why we choose to incorporate poles in our network design with the main being, they allow us to efficiently provide fibre to a larger number of residents with minimal disruption (read more).

It is never our intention to install poles, or any new infrastructure on private land without permission. We use land registry details to identify if land is privately owned. However, this is not always 100% accurate. If you are able to provide evidence that the land in question is in fact your land (not public), then we would not progress without abiding by the wayleave process.

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