Formerly FACTCO, our new chapter: Fusion Fibre Group.

We are delighted to announce that we’ve changed (for the better): meet Fusion Fibre Group!✨ As we’ve gone through a significant period of growth, we decided it was time to refresh the FACTCO brand. So, welcome to this new chapter of our journey!🚀

Big dreams, big hearts: meet Fusion Fibre Group!

Fusion Fibre Group may be a smaller internet service provider (ISP), but we harbour big dreams and a big heart that drives us forward. 2023 was pivotal for us, marking significant growth in more than just numbers. We’ve gone from two offices to four: London, Manchester, Warrington and Seaton Burn, and we’ve partnered strategically with industry-leading fibre providers. Thus, allowing us to diversify our revenue streams and offer our services to millions more homes and businesses across the UK.

This growth isn’t just about physical expansion; it’s about the beginning of a new chapter for us. We believe the new brand, Fusion Fibre Group, embodies our personality—a vibrant, forward-thinking ISP with a commitment to excellent customer service, affordability, and integrity.

Defining our values, perfecting the Fusion Fibre Group brand

The rebranding process prompted us to take a closer look at our core values and what success truly means to Fusion Fibre Group. Our commitment to excellent customer service, affordability, and integrity remains unwavering. With our new brand, we aim to better convey these defining attributes and showcase our personality to the world!

A word from Fusion Fibre Group Managing Director Adrian Marshman

Our Managing Director, Adrian Marshman, shares his thoughts: “This rebrand has allowed us to fuse together everything we’ve learned to provide a stronger brand that better represents who we are and what we’re trying to achieve. I’m proud of where we are today and excited for the next chapter.”

From our humble beginnings building networks in rural areas, Fusion Fibre Group has evolved to have the capability to connect over 15 million properties across the UK. Our commitment is to provide Gigabit-capable, future-ready connections to communities nationwide.

To our existing customers and those considering us for their broadband needs, we promise to champion excellent customer service today and in the years to come.”

Fusion Fibre Group: your favourite full fibre experts!

Fusion Fibre Group is not just a new name—it’s a reflection of our growth, our values, and our unwavering commitment to excellence. We thank our customers for their support throughout the years and hope they enjoy the new branding as much as we do.

Our loyal customers can rest assured that from here, nothing changes. You’ll still be dealing with the same, Excellent team via the same channels you’re use to. The only thing to remember is the new support email address, however our number remains the same 0333 305 7560. (Don’t stress if you email the old account, all emails will be automatically forwarded for the first few months). You can find all of our new contact details here.

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